Planning is Succeeding when it comes to Office Furniture

Planning is Succeeding when it comes to Office Furniture

Advancing technology and increased employee awareness means that whether you are buying office furniture for your own use in your home office or for your employee’s use within your office, selecting the appropriate décor and office furniture is becoming increasingly important. That’s not a bad thing.

Most companies need an office that has a sleek professional look about it; especially those companies that have head office visits. Showing a customer or potential customer around the offices can be a real deal clincher if you have the environment and friendly, professional staff they are looking for.

Plan everything.

Before you jump head-first into selecting the perfect pieces of ergonomic office furniture, you should always plan your office layout as well as planning how functional you need the furniture to be. Dayton Business Interiors will guide you in every phase of the planning process. A glass office desk may look nice, but you should always think about the person who will be using it. Glass can give off a very bright glare, and may eventually lead to eye problems for anyone sitting at them. If you intend to have glass tables, don’t place strong lights above them. Plan your office layout accordingly.

Health and Safety.

There are many more resources nowadays concerning best health and safety practices in the workplace. These should all be adhered to. Not only will this protect you from action by employees but there are good reasons for these rules. Office chairs should have five pronged legs and be as adjustable as possible. Office desks should be roomy enough to hold all the required hardware and stationery and you should ensure surfaces are not shiny thus eliminating potential glare.

What shape desk?

If you’ve been looking around for office furniture already you will undoubtedly noticed that there are many different shapes and styles of desks. The most important thing when selecting your next office desk is to make sure that it can perform its functions. L shaped office desks are very effective for people who use a PC and large diagrams or reference material. The PC can be placed on one length of the L and the rest of the desk used for any other materials required.


Ergonomically designed office furniture isn’t just designed to look good in the modern working environment. It is also designed to cut down on the possibilities of repetitive stress injuries that are associated with office work. Many desks, chairs and other accessories are designed to alleviate the repetitive motions that are associated with repetitive stress and investing an extra few dollars when buying the right office furniture that is well designed can save a lifetime of pain.

If you have any questions or would like to speak to us about your office furniture please call Dayton Business Interiors at 937-294-1643. We are a locally owned and operated business.

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