Jesper Office specializes in making modular office furniture for the home and small business, along with a complementary line of modular library and home entertainment furniture. The company, originally based in Denmark, has been designing and manufacturing high quality furniture since 1935. Today, Jesper Office is based in Bridgewater, New Jersey where it maintains a U.S warehouse and sales office along with several manufacturing facilities overseas.

Jesper Office was founded in 1935 in the little town of Ulfborg in western Denmark. The furniture factory was established as Hundevad & Co. and was run by skilled Danish cabinet makers who paid high attention to quality and traditional woodworking skills. These same principles play an important role in our production today.

In 1990, the company became Jesper Office as Hundevad & Co. merged with Danish furniture manufacturer, Jesper International. Most recently, Jesper Office underwent a management buyout, whereby, in 2008, Jesper Office, LLC was formed. Today we have become a highly efficient furniture manufacturer, integrating modern technology with our traditional Danish roots and woodworking abilities.




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