What furniture does your new business office need?

What furniture does your new business office need?

Whether you are starting a new business or simply moving to a new office, there are some basic furniture essentials you need to have. Here are some different types of furniture to be sure you get for the new office space.

Desk and Chair

The basic office furniture to start with is your own desk and chair. Make sure you have a nice desk with sufficient space for your computer, paperwork, desktop supplies, and anything else you need. You should have enough free space on top of the desk for working so that you are not constantly moving things around just to get some paperwork signed. Depending on the shape and size of the office you have, this might mean having a long desk, two separate desks, or an L-shaped desk. Also, have a comfortable chair that is adjustable so you can use proper ergonomic methods. This helps you to be comfortable while you work without causing injury to your back or neck.

Storage Furniture

Some furniture is used in the office for storing items, from file cabinets to bookshelves. Consider the different items and supplies you have that need to be stored. For example, near the office photocopy and printer machine, you might want a small storage cabinet that allows you to keep ink, toner, and printer paper nearby. A bookshelf is a good option in your private office for your files and supplies, or a larger filing cabinet in a special file room. Choose nice furniture like teak, or go inexpensive with laminate furniture.

Cubicles and Room Separators

Your office might be larger and in need of designating different areas of the space. For example, if the main floor of the office space will have multiple employees working in the same area, you might want to get separators for each cubicle. Many office furniture stores carry a selection of cubicle furniture, with wood and fabric separators. These can be set up to create individual workspaces, offering a little privacy for each employee and less distractions for them. It also lets them set up their own cubicle as if it were their own private office.
Furniture for Electronic Equipment

Don’t forget about furniture for the different electronic equipment you have in your office. Instead of a large floor photocopy machine, you might have a smaller copy machine and printer. These will require a sturdy table for keeping the equipment at a height that is easy for people to access. You may also need a table or desk for your office fax machine. While you may end up needing more furniture, these are some good basic pieces to start with. They allow you to have functional and storage furniture that helps you stay motivated and organized.

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